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105 Boligee Street
P. O. Box 831
Eutaw, Alabama 35462
(205) 372-0943

Kirkwood Mansion 
Available for tours
One of Eutaw's
many antebellum homes


The Eutaw Update


We wuz all swap'n stories over to the Beer & Bait Store, knowed locally as the "B&B", when Jimmy Joe Turnipseed come in. He wuz jist git'n back from visitin' some rich cousins up in Virginia. Said he had hared Joe Bob Hodges to carry him up to the Birmingham airport so he could fly in the airplane to Richmond. He know'd his Pa's Studebaker wouldn't make the trip to Virginia and back. Even though he crunks it up every week and changes the oil every year, he says the tares ain't too perkie no more.

'Cause he didn't want them cousins to thank he wuz pore by havin' packed up his clean clothes in brown grocery sacks, he pulled out the Bon Marche shoppin' bag his Ma had brung back from her weddin' trip to New Orleans back in '48. That worked real good and give a touch of "class". He remembered his Ma had said that anybody who wuz somebody all traded to the Bon Marche.

That airport up in Birmingham must really be sumpin'. He said it wuz bigger than the Grand Ole Opry up in Nashville, whar him and Bobbie Jo went on their weddin' trip back in '65. And airplanes wuz zoommin' everywhere. He said it looked like one wuz takin' off so as another 'un could land.

What had him puzzlin' the most, though, wuz the vehicle he seen up at the Richmond airport. He said some car body man must have cut up about three or four car bodies with a cuttin' torch, welded 'em all together, and made this little, long bus. That wuz the longest-lookin' car he ever seen. But they done a real good job with it, he said. What he ain't figured out yet, though, wuz how they got all them cars to run on only four tares. Nobody at the B&B knowed how they done it and agreed that that wuz a real headscratcher!

Well, that's jus' some of the doin's down here in Eutaw, Alabama....whar the grass is a little greener; the air, a little cleaner; and all the folks is mighty friendly.

and, now, here's a few of our latest pickin's and gleanin's:

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