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One of a pair of 19th Century, inlaid knife boxes in mahogany. In the traditional manner, these have shaped fronts, slanted-front lids, inlaid trim of alternating holly and ebony, and an inlaid motif on the lid.
The second knife box of the pair. These are 13" tall, 9" deep,and 9" wide. They evidence signs of wear, but are in very good condition.

$4,000.00 for the pair
With lid raised to show interior. Note the inlaid star in underside of the lid.
An oil on canvas of an unidentified young girl, unsigned, in a period frame. Framed, it is 30" tall, 26" wide. In very good condition.
C. 1860
An of-the-period oil-on-canvas portrait of an unidentified lovely lady. The portrait in frame is 35" tall and 31" wide. The canvas has been cleaned, re-lined, on original stretchers, and is in its period frame.
A handsomely rendered oil-on-canvas portrait of a young boy from the Lexington, Kentucky, area. He was an ancestor of the Blakey family of Kentucky. Unsigned. Excellent condition.
C. 1870.
A single, inlaid knife box. It is of 19th Century vintage and is in faded mahogany. Excellent condition.
The single knife box with lid raised to show interior.
An oil on canvas of a landscape with sheep. Framed, it is 27-1/2" by 21-1/2".
Has had restoration. C. 1900.
A large, genre oil-on-canvas depicting a winter landscape. Pleasingly rendered and in a period frame; has an illegible monogram and the readable date of
" '98 ", for 1898. It is 34" tall and 48" wide; in very good condition.
A trompe l'oeil pastel of the day's catch...two trout. The piece is in a period, oak frame and is signed "MORROW". Framed, 28" tall and 15-1/2" wide. In excellent condition.
C. 1900.
A trompe l'oeil pastel companion of the preceding fish....the day's bag of two ducks. In matching 28" X 15-1/2" oak frame and signed "MORROW". In excellent condition.
C. 1900.
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