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Beautiful pair of Old Paris vases, 18" tall. Hand-painted with scenes of children in a woodland park setting. They are in mint condition, with the expected wear to the gold.
C. 1860.
$2,495.00 Pr.

The second 18" Old Paris vase showing the second scene of children playing in the woodland setting.
In mint condition.

A 14-piece fish set consisting of a 24" platter; 12 fish plates, 8-1/2" diameter,with six scenes; and a 9-1/2" sauce boat. Incised underneath "VICTORIA KARLSBAD AUSTRIA".
In mint condition.

A pair of Victorian, 12", pink lustres in excellent condition. They have correct rough pontils and the expected wear to the gold.

A pair of unusual white-with-gold Old Paris vases. These are only 8-1/2" tall, but are 12" wide. Impressed in their bases are the numbers "84" and "3". They are in excellent condition, with the expected wear to the gold.
$695.00 pr.

A pair of 13" white Bristol lustres with blue handpainted decoration. Excellent condition.

A 12" handpainted French Limoges porcelain charger. Excellent condition.
c. 1900.

A pair of 18" Old Paris vases depicting a courtyard scene with adults and children. Considerable loss of gilding, otherwise in mint condition.
C. 1850.
$2,295.00 pr.

The second 18" Old Paris vase depicting a second courtyard scene with adults and children.

A double-handled Empire-style urn, handpainted in the French manner. Marked "made in France", "Le Tallic", and "PARIS" on the base. It is 10-1/2" tall; 8" diameter at the top. Excellent condition. c. 1900

A Wavecrest dresser box with original cloth lining. It is 7-1/2" in diameter and 4" high.
In excellent condition.

A period double-handled, Empire porcelain urn. Handpainted in polychrome with lustre trim. It is 11-1/2" tall; 8" top diameter. Some signs of wear, but in excellent condition for its age. C. 1840.
Buyer pays shipping and insurance charges.

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