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A 6-1/4" dish decorated with roses and gold trim. R.S. Prussia mark. One of five in stock. Perfect condition.
$95.00 ea.

An 8" dish decorated with roses, rose festoons, and gold trim. R.S. Prussia mark. One of five in stock. Perfect condition.
$85.00 ea.

Selection of oyster plates:
White 9" plates, unmarked, set of 6, $450.00 set;
Vintage 8-1/2" plate with lustre decoration and gold trim, unmarked, 11 available, $95.00 each;
Vintage 8-1/2" plate with floral decoration and gold trim, unmarked (probably Limoges), 2 available, $95.00 each.

A handpainted plate on an 8-1/2" Schwarzburg blank, signed "TOLBY".

A plate handpainted with blackberries. An 8-1/2" O.&E.G. "Royal", Austria, blank. Signed on reverse "M. WOODARD, 1910"
$65.00 pr.

A plate handpainted with dogwood blooms and follage. The 9-1/2" blank was marked "Made in Germany". Signed on reverse "G. Rousseau".

A plate handpainted with fruit and flowers. An 8-1/2" blank marked "JR BAVARIA, HANDPAINTED". Factory artist signed "DUPONT"on obverse.

An 8-1/2" Haviland, France, plate handpainted with a large cluster of flowers. Monogrammed on obverse "EES".
$65.00 pr.

A 7-3/4" "TURIN, BAVARIA" plate handpainted with pink and yellow roses. Signed on obverse by factory artist "Muller".
$65.00 pr.

An 8-1/2" "M&Z, AUSTRIA" plate hand decorated with pink and white roses. Signed on obverse "BRACH".

An 11" double-handled plate decorated with red poppies, marked "P.T. BAVARIA, Handpainted Bavarian China, Field Poppies". Signed by factory artist "M. RIMI".

An 8-3/4" Haviland, France, blank hand decorated with sweet pea blossoms and gold trim. Signed in green on reverse "NSK" in a diamond cartouche.
Buyer pays shipping and insurance charges.

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