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A pair of 6-1/2", coin silver, claw-end tongs from Henderson & Gaines, New Orleans, C. 1855. Heavy gauge. Counter-stamped by William Gale and Son, N.Y., 1858. Monogrammed "EHK". Excellent condition.

A 13" coin silver punch ladle with the mark of Louis Muh, New Orleans, 1823-1854. Bowl diameter is 4-1/4". Also carries the mark "H", anchor, and star. No monogram. Excellent condition.

A coin silver, shell-bowl, serving spoon by Henderson & Gaines, New Orleans, C.1855. It is 8-1/2" in length and has a 2" diameter bowl. Monogrammed "EHK".

An ornate, coin silver, fish knife by E. A. Tyler, New Orleans; length, 12"; blade width,
1-3/8". Monogrammed "EAK". Excellent condition.

A 10" American coin silver marrow scoop, marked "Hayden & Whilden" (C. 1855-1863), Charleston, South Carolina. Fiddlethread pattern. Marked on reverse of small scoop, "Griggs" (Assumed to be original owner). Slight wear, otherwise excellent condition.

A 6", Sheffield, sterling silver muffineer made by Roberts & Briggs, Sheffield, England, 1910. Retailed by Shreve, Crump, and Low of Boston. All marks are proper and verifiable. Monogrammed "BH".
Excellent condition.

A 10-1/2" sterling vase, made by the Matthews Company, Newark, New Jersey (1907-C.1936). Retailed by Maynard & Co, Inc. of Boston. Beautifully etched and monogrammed "W". Excellent condition.

A sterling boatswain's pipe, 5-1/2" long. Marked only with "Sterling". Believed to be early 20th Century and is probably American. Signs of use, but very good condition. C. 1910.

A pair of 4-1/2", sterling, Whiting's "Imperial Queen", individual asparagras tongs. Gold washed. Patent date 1893. Monogrammed "VAP". Perfect condition.

A 9" Russian silver fork, of 84 grade silver, assayed by A.K in Moscow in 1896. It is hallmarked "A.Ioxenbcohb". Heavy grade; excellent condition with only slight wear to tines. No monogram.

Scottish sterling teaspoon, Kings pattern, made in Glasgow, date letter "I" for 1827. Silversmith "J.LS" unidentified. Monogrammed "M?H". In excellent condition. Five spoons available.

A set of 6 Russian/Polish silver forks of 84 grade, asssayed 1862 by I.S. with double-headed eagle. Hallmarked by Emil Radke, Warsaw, and stamped "RADKE", hallmark in an oval cartouche, and "WARSZAWIR". Handles embellished with a raised heraldic devise; no monogram. Length 9"; heavy weight. Wear to tines, otherwise excellent condition.
$900.00 set of 6
Buyer pays shipping and insurance charges.

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